Saturday, January 20, 2018

2016/2017 abortion numbers for Ontario are down slightly

I've received the 2016/2017 abortion numbers for Ontario from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care: 44,109.

That's down from 44,430 in 2015/2016 by 321 abortions. That's the good news. The bad news is that there were 44,109 abortions in Ontario this past year.

Justin Trudeau's special advisor screws up

Lovely to see Joyce Arthur back peddling on her call to prevent "certain" groups from receiving funding from the summer jobs program. Clearly Arthur never anticipated the universal condemnation to Justin Trudeau's "attestation" that a qualifying organization must adhere to a mythical right to abortion.
"The employer attestation for CSJ 2018 is consistent with individual human rights in Canada, Charter rights and case law, and the Government of Canada’s commitment to human rights, which include women’s rights and women’s reproductive rights, and the rights of gender-diverse and transgender Canadians. 
The government recognizes that women’s rights are human rights. This includes sexual and reproductive rights — and the right to access safe and legal abortions. These rights are at the core of the Government of Canada’s foreign and domestic policies."
I've also noted that the media are finally pointing out that there is no right to abortion here and here. Because to date Trudeau has based all manner of policies on this mythical right (ie. banning pro-life people from being a Liberal; $650M to abortion in developing countries; etc). Which is discriminatory to say the least and most likely against the Charter he holds so dear.

And best of all the media are finally not giving Trudeau a pass on this anymore.

So my question is this. Will Trudeau finally stop talking about so-called abortion/reproductive rights like these terms actually mean something? Because if he doesn't, he's going to look rather stupid. And if he does stop talking about it, will all those policies based on something that doesn't exist, be Trudeau's house of cards?

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Trudeau digs his hole deeper and deeper

Remember this letter I wrote to Justin Trudeau back in 2014?

That letter had more than 400 names on it.

Well yesterday a signatory of that letter asked me if Justin had ever replied to that latter. This is what she said:
"could you please tell me whether Justin Trudeau ever replied to the letter (with many, many signatures, including mine) expressing concern about his requiring his Liberal-party colleagues to vote pro-choice (i.e., abortion). I am curious because I used to write correspondence for Ministers and MPs and it was unheard of, back then, to ignore or not to answer a letter."
Not only did I send Mr Trudeau many subsequent emails reminding him that I was waiting for a reply, but I also sent the letter via snail mail. I guess Trudeau thinks he's a cut above regular MPs, and he doesn't need to follow the same etiquette as other MPs do, because Trudeau never replied to that letter.

Now Trudeau is getting push back on his Federal Job Program which he's disallowed us from using. And he's claiming his standard nonsense that there is a charter right to abortion, aided and abetted by the pro-abortions and their leader, extremist Joyce Arthur.

Arthur also likes to say that there is a Charter right to abortion. Of course they're both wrong but that doesn't stop them from saying it. Over and over again. I guess they think we're stupid.

Even the Americans think Trudeau's anti-pro-life actions are reprehensible.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Sign on TTC subway

"Just like us. Just like our pets. Just like our why do we treat them so badly...They are like us in all ways that matter...Sometimes they are butchered fully conscious...Don't look away from their suffering."
And I'm not talking about cows.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Something for Justin Trudeau's 2018 to do list

Dear Justin Trudeau,

Happy New Year.

Being a new year and all, it's a good time to have new beginnings don't you think? Well I've been thinking about the summer jobs program. You know how you've made pro-life groups ineligible for it? Well here's the thing with that.

Besides the fact it means you are discriminating against pro-lifers; besides the fact that you believe abortion is a Charter right when it isn't; besides the fact you expect these pro-life organizations to adhere to something you call women’s reproductive rights—a made up construct if there ever was one—besides all that, there is another aspect to this that I've been puzzling over.

It's about tax dollars. You know, the money we are forced to give you so you can do things with, on our behalf?

You see the thing is, by not allowing these organizations to get these subsidies—read taxes—you are withholding money that doesn't even belong to you. Taxes belong to the taxpayer. To me. You may be surprised at this, but pro-life organizations also pay taxes. Yes they do. And so do the people who work for them. They also pay taxes. All that money in the summer job program is ours. It's not there for your pet issues like "reproductive rights". No it's not.

These tax dollars are for the benefit for all Canadians, even those crazy Canadians who believe abortion is wrong and unethical. Those taxes are for our benefit too.

So you see, this is not even your call to discriminate against us with our own tax dollars. Because taxes don't belong to you.

I have a question for you. Since we are against abortion, and don't agree with your made up construct “women’s reproductive rights”, shouldn't we pro-life people hence forth be exempt from paying those taxes that go to the summer jobs program? This is only logical. And fair. You do understand logic don't you?

Come to think of it. You know that $650M you are sending to Africa for “reproductive rights”? Oh and all those millions and millions of dollars you spend in Canada killing pre-born children every year? Well we don't want to fund those things either.

To make your job easier, I suggest a tax credit on our income taxes is an acceptable form of reimbursement. So can you get Bill Morneau on this right away? This project will give you and Mr. Morneau a bit of a breather from all those nasty ethics investigations into the pair of you.

Patricia Maloney